Short Term Property Management

Providing short term rental properties to corporate renters

Short Term Property Management provide short term lettings for some of the UK & Irelands biggest companies.

Promise of Perfection and Minimum Standards

Here at STPM we guarantee that all of our properties will be presented to the highest of standards and will always include.

Hotel quality linen

We stock all our Corporate rentals with high quality hotel linen which includes, sheets, duvet covers, towels and bath mats to make your stay comfortable.

Bi-weekly cleans

All our corporate rental properties support high speed wifi connections with unlimited 360 mgb download speeds so you will.

High speed wifi

We market your property across all major property portals including & We also produce an Online video tour and promote extensively on social media and our website.

All mod cons

Short Term Property Management rental properties include laundry facilities, television, microwave, dishwasher, cutlery and in some places a parking space..

How Does Short Term Corporate Lettings Work?

Short term Corporate lettings provide the property for rent to companies for 1month + rentals. Companies often opt for such short-term letting in order to save a considerable amount of money as compared to the hotel fees. Short Term Property Management brings you some amazing to find the perfect corporate place for both long- and short-term corporate lettings.

If you are looking for a great corporate location in UK & Dublin for Short Term Lets for Business in the UK then we have some of the amazing Furnished Short-Term Rentals in the UK. We make sure that you get hotel quality linen, Bi-weekly cleans, high-speed wi-fi, and other things. We work towards providing you a quality and amazing standard option.

Benefits of Long-Term Corporate Letting

The long-term corporate lettings are those which is defined as renting a property for at least 6 months or more durations. The long-term corporate lettings are usually available in discounted rates of up to 20%

Bespoke Services provided by us are also effective as these concierge services are made to work for all the requirements of our corporate partners. You just need to let us know some information like the date and location that you require for the training or party. Opting for Bespoke Services is always a smart and cost-saving idea.

Long term Corporate Lettings

What is long term

Long term corporate lettings is usually defined as renting a property from 6 months on

Benefits of long term

There is usually a discount rate of up to 20% on our long term corporate property rentals.

Short Term Lettings

Our short term book

We provide over 50 corporate standard properties in the UK & Dublin for 1 month + rentals.

Benefit of short term

Companies who rent our short term usually save considerable money compared to hotel fees.

Bespoke services

We work for you

Our bespoke conceirge service is designed to work through the requirements of our corporate partners.

Tell us your requirements

Tell us a bit more of what you need such as dates & locations required for your party or training days.