Corporate Apartments by Dublin Airport

Renting can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you.

Posted on 5 Oct 2017 by Andreas Riha

Corporate Apartments by Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport and its surrounding areas have never been as popular for short term corporate apartments. Due to a large increase in demand Swipe Corporate has started to stock a larger range of short term corporate apartments by Dublin Airport.

Corporate apartment by Dublin Airport

The majority of our short term corporate apartments close to Dublin airport can be licensed for as little as 3 nights up to as long as 3 months and beyond if needs be. All our corporate apartments are serviced meaning weekly cleaning and linen change for medium term stays.

dublin airport corporate apartment

We currently have corporate apartments by Dublin Airport at

  • Northern Cross
  • Belmayne
  • Clongriffin
  • Malahide
  • Swords
5 Things to consider for corporate apartment selection around Dublin Airport.
  1. Transport links – How easy will travelling to and from your work place to the apartment. Depending on which part of North Dublin you are commuting from public transport can be challenging. If your travelling by car have you a parking spot?
  2. Local Amenities – Once again its going to come down to what transport you have to use to reach your amenities. If your looking to live in North County Dublin then a car really is essential if you wish to access local amenities. However if your looking to stay in Northern Cross you have ample amenities on your door step.
  3. The property itself – This is an obvious one but its a serious consideration, the price range on short term units for a 1 bedroom is going to range from €450 per week to €850 per week. The more expensive is going to have more luxurious settings, space and ambiance.  But if your only looking for a place to rest for a busy week then perhaps the clean unit at €450 is for you.
  4. Broadband and Communications – This is most likely not going to be an issue unless your in a more remote part of North county Dublin. Most of our corporate customers have a must need for high speed broadband, so if your the same ask that broadband speed and mobile connection is positive for your short term corporate apartment.
  5. Continuous Availability – The majority of our corporate guests regularly travel to Dublin and having a unit which they can rent continuously is always nice. After spending your first few days in an area you start to get to know the “good places” to eat and drink. Some corporate guests who book Airbnb might only take a unit that is available when the owner is out of town. Established corporate apartments by Dublin Airport have continuous availability.

If you are thinking of leasing to corporate clients we may have room for your property, please contact