Why Dublin property investment is ripe for growth 

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Posted on 27 Oct 2017 by Colin Napper

Why Dublin property investment is ripe for growth

Property investors have been flocking to Dublin, Ireland for a number of years.

Ever since our banking system collapsed in 2008 and subsequently bailed out by people of Ireland has a steady stream of investors arrived at our shores.

It started with the Irish governement setting up Nama which bought all the bad property debt from the banks and then sold these properties at knock down prices to investors who swooped in and bought huge portfolios of properties.

If you had of arrived in Ireland in late 2011 you would have been able to buy a property for 50% of what it was worth in 2007.

At the moment Dublin property prices are up 60% since the middle of 2012 with them predicted to rise by another 10% in 2018.

Some of the reasons why Dublin is perfect for property investment

1. Ireland’s economy is on the rise
2. Brexit will lead to UK companies relocating to Dublin for a European Base.
3. Tourism is up to an all time high with 10.7 million visitors exp in 2017
4. Lack of supply of Properties for Sale and To let leading to rising capital gains and rental returns
5. Property prices expected to go up by 10% in next 12 months.

Irelands economy set to be the fastest growing in Europe

Ireland’s economy  is set to wave goodbye to the “lost decade” that followed the property crash in 2008, as domestic spending returns to its previous peak level this year on the back of strong economic growth and a return to full employment according to Goodbody stockbrokers.

This is helping fuel a strong interest in purchasing property for first time buyers and investors.

The impact of Brexit on housing and the rental industry in Dublin.

With the UK set to leave the EU in March 2019 it has been long expected that Dublin would benefit from UK companies wishing to retain a base in the EU.

As our nearest trading partner Ireland and Dublin is seeing as an ideal location for UK companies to relocate to with some analysts expecting up to 12 of the big city banks eyeing up Dublin office space for staff between 10 – 1000.

This will have a dramatic impact on the property market both for property sales and corporate lettings.

Tourism is up to an all time high with 10.7 million visitors expected to have visited Ireland in 2017

Tourism Ireland which is responsible for marketing Ireland as a destination for holiday makers announced a 3% increase on visitors on 2016 bumper tourist industry with strong growth from America, Canada, Middle east and China showing strong growth.

This is leading to an explosion in bookings for short term accommodation or hotel rooms.

With an already lack of supply of hotel rooms available in Dublin, landlords have pounced on the opportunity to host these tourists in Apartments throughout Dublin.

Lack of supply of Properties for Sale and To let leading to rising capital gains and rental returns

Daft.ie which is Ireland biggest property portal reports that the lack of supply of properties for sale is pushing up the prices of family homes and apartments throughout Ireland.

On the rental side of things there is a serious lack of rental properties in Dublin to cater for the residential lettings market with rents rising to 2007 levels.

The simple fact is the lack of supply is pushing property prices up and rent prices and no government policy announced to date with stop this anytime soon..

Property capital gains expected to go up by 10% in next 12 months.

2018 will be another bumper year for property capital gains for Dublin property owners and Dublin property investors.

A recent report by Economist Ronan Lyons, author of the Daft.ie House Price Report states that Dublin property prices will reach 2006 / 2007 levels with a lack of new builds adding to this growth.

With a plenty supply of foreign investors spending big on properties with the hope of selling them in a number of years and Irish emigrants returning home helping fuel the fire even more.

What to do next once you have chosen your perfect Dublin property investment.

So for any discerning Investor looking to buy a property in Dublin and wishing to gain some insight or advice on some of the important decisions why not contact myself Colin Napper or Andreas Riha by email info@swipecorporate.ie

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